Michigan Central Depot

CLIENT: Detroit International Bridge Company/CenTra | LOCATION: Detroit, MI | YEAR: 2002-2004

In 2002, McIntosh Poris Associates produced an ambitious plan to renovate the abandoned Michigan Central Depot and its surrounding neighborhood.

At its height in the 1940s, an average of 20,000 people used the grand American Beaux-Arts building each day. The growth of the automobile and the city’s decline diminished the Depot, and it was abandoned in 1987.

McIntosh Poris Associate plans for the Depot have varied from an international trade center to a headquarters for the Detroit Police Department. In addition to the renovation of the Depot’s 17-story, 500,000 square-foot office tower, the master plan calls for a cultural, entertainment, arts and retail center in the 250,000 square-foot base.

The plans were instrumental in stabilizing and saving the building from demolition, convincing the owner to save this resource and work with the surrounding neighborhoods, communities and city.