March 27, 2019

Before and After: The Garden Theater

Details worth saving. In 2009, MPA Architects began the massive restoration and development of the original Woodward Garden Theater designed in 1912 by C. Howard Crane. “We’ve come full circle and now we appreciate the amount of labor and time and cost that went into that. We just can’t imagine what was going through their heads when they dropped these ceilings. It was crazy.” – founder and Principal, Michael Poris on tearing down drop ceilings and bringing hidden gems of Detroit’s architectural past back to life!


One of our favorite atrium designs connects the original Garden Theater to the two adjacent office buildings to create a multi-functional space for live music performances, community engagement and business meetings – bringing historic Detroit  architecture back into use – it’s all about building from the past, read all about it here:


Garden Theater interior – after



Garden Theater interior – before



Garden Theater exterior – after



Garden Theater exterior – before